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About Us

KatieBee Honey is owned by Brian and his wife Katie of Meridian, Idaho. Brian began beekeeping as a hobby several years ago and became infatuated with the Honey Bee. His interest soon became more than a hobby and KatieBee Honey was born. While learning about the art of bee keeping, Brian became concerned with the many harsh chemicals and pesticides that were being used in treating hives and the effect they would have on bees in the long term and on the people consuming honey. There had to be a better, less toxic way to keep bees. KatieBee began with the idea of producing a better honey that comes from healthier hives. Many of the recent problems that beekeepers and bees have been struggling with can be traced back to the irresponsible commercial use of toxic chemicals and pesticides in the farming industry. Our bees are kept in yards that limit their exposure to such chemicals, which helps our colonies live much healthier and more productive lives than most commercial apiaries. We also never use pesticides, antibiotics or harsh chemicals in our hives. Not only are these chemicals hard on the bees, but they also end up in the honey that is sold. We have developed a system of pest and disease management that allows nature to do her job, and our bees to thrive. Our honey is pure, raw and chemical free. A lot of hard work and love for our bees is put into producing our honey. We hope you Love it as much as we do.