About Us

KatieBee Honey is owned by Brian and his wife Katie of Meridian, Idaho. Brian began beekeeping as a hobby many years ago and became infatuated with the Honey Bee. That interest soon became more than a hobby and KatieBee Honey was born.

KatieBee began with the idea of producing a better honey that comes from healthier hives. KatieBee Raw Honey is collected and harvested in the heart of Idaho’s Treasure Valley from our small, family owned apiaries. Our bees are kept in yards that limit their exposure to pesticides and chemicals, which helps our colonies live much healthier and more productive lives. Our method of extraction and bottling leaves it in its natural raw form, leaving in all of the vital nutrients, pollen, propolis, enzymes, amino acids, minerals, and anti-oxidants. Our Honey is completely and truly Raw, Pure and Natural. It comes straight from the honey comb, never being added to, heated, processed or pasteurized.  Our Raw Honey is a smart, healthy choice and a great alternative to processed and artificial sugars and sweeteners. A lot of hard work and love for our bees is put into producing our honey. With KatieBee you are getting a whole and pure food product.

We hope you Love it as much as we do.